The Power Within


The Power Within will show you how to train your personality for success. Its methods are direct and practical. They follow everyday experience and involve simply yourself, your powers and your environment.

Your soul is like a battery. It is constantly storing and discharging power. Your ability to access, focus and use this power is determined by your ability to:

  • Care for this battery
  • Develop its capacity
  • Adjust it to its surroundings
  • Effectively use it to receive and discharge force

This training has one objective, to teach you how to best handle this battery so you can get results with Success Magnetism. This is a goal, a means, and a power.

Success Elements

The first element of success is a thorough understanding of the principles and laws detailed in this training along with a profound belief in the success philosophy summarized here.

  • Success is relative.
  • Every person is entitled to that measure of success for which they are fitted and no more.
  • This measure of success is not a privilege, but the profoundest of obligations.
  • The Universe guarantees success to every individual who intelligently and courageously attempts his best life-work.
  • The Infinite puts itself at the disposal of every honest soul.

This philosphy is the foundation upon which any individual can build a successful life. In order to accomplish this, the remaining success elements must be developed to their fullest capacity. The perfection of each element being limited only by individual endowment.

  • Physical Health
  • Power of Will
  • Alertness
  • Fidelity
  • Honor
  • Hopefulness
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Brain-Power
  • Faith in the System
  • Physical Magnetism