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Success Magnetism was first introduced in the early 1900’s, but has roots back to the 1700’s. It has influenced nearly every popular self-improvement topic of the 20th century, including Hypnosis, New Thought, Self-Affirmations (or autosuggestion,) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as our contemporary understanding of The Law of Attraction.

Success Magnetism itself, has fallen out of the collective consciousness for over one hundred years. It was introduced to a modern audience by Charles Lewis in The Power Within: Discover the Secrets of Success Magnetism.

Success Magnetism is not an accomplishment. It is a practical power. When rightly developed and used, it allows you to control your mind so you can experience results in the material world.

The idea that thinking creates reality is a common theme in New Thought, but the principles of Success Magnetism, as presented in The Power Within, takes this a step further. Controlling your mind to get results is not a matter of choice. It is an acquired skill.

Every human being possesses a capacity for magnetic development, but not everyone is equally endowed. Some individuals are greatly magnetic by nature, but everyone is capable of developing their own latent powers.

This is similar to the concepts presented in NLP. By modeling successful behavior, you can learn new ways of thinking which will bring about positive physical and emotional effects.

The Power Within makes the principles of Success Magnetism accessible and understandable. It reveals that everyone has the capacity to transform themselves into a dynamic force that can influence and motivate behavior in other people and completely transform any current life condition.

The development of magnetism has to do with unfolding your latent subconscious forces so they dominate your conscious self and magnetically handle all your personal possessions; your body, your senses, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions.